Saturday, February 3, 2018


Due to popular request, here is the tutorial for the FAUX PEWTER technique.  This can be used as a Tag, a Title Strip, Emboss with machine for a FRAME, or as a background for a  full page.  


  • Chipboard elements
  • Adhesive Foil Tape
  • Black Acrylic / Craft Paint
  • Sponge Paint brush
  • 3-4 different sized Ball Tools for shaping
  • Paper Towel
  • Wet Wipes


Step 1:  
Either use CHIPBOARD elements you have or DIECUT some from thick chipboard.  We used Tim Holtz and Sizzix dies to create these elements on the Cuttlebug.  

Step 3:
Adhere the chipboard elements to your background paper (scrap chipboard) as you wish. If you want to add photos and elements to the top, plan accordingly so you have space to add it all.

Step 4:
Using your FOIL TAPE, tear strips to length and adhere down length of page.  OVERLAP each strip slightly (DO NOT LEAVE ANY GAPS).   

Step 5:
Fold over excess tape to the back of your page. 

Step 6: 
Using your finger, outline the elements and flatten tape.

Step 7:
I start with the lid of my TOMBOW glue (is perfect sized ball tool) and shape around all the elements.

Step 8:
Using a medium ball tool, now shape again going over all your shapes

Step 9:
Using a smaller ball took, repeat again.  If needed repeat with an even smaller tool.  You need to have a "defined" edge to your chipboard elements. 

Step 10:
Using BLACK PAINT, adhere using a Foam brush to your layout.  Be generous but not too much !  Make sure all "inner" pieces are well covered and then apply in rows in ONE DIRECTION!

Step 11:
Let dry for a few minutes until tacky.  NOT too dry or it won't rub off but not too wet or it wont stick. 

Step 12:
Using PAPER TOWEL, gently remove all excess paint from foil.  The black paint should stick inside your chipboard.  Remove as much as you wish.   you can add more if you want, or remove more with wet wipes.

Step 13:
Using a WET WIPE, remove the black paint from top layer of FOIL chipboard.  You want the bottom blackish and the top shiny.

Step 14:
Sit back and admire your handiwork.  You can now add elements ontop of the canvas you created.

GO WASH HANDS !!  Lol..  Enjoy !

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